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Looking to get fitted with some of the most stylish and revolutionary wakeboarding goodies on the market today?  Well if the answer is yes, then it would be in your best interest to pay us a visit here at Buxton Marine to take a gander at our awesome lineup of Hyperlite skis and accessories!hyper

Looking back at the history of wakeboarding, one will clearly see the longest standing brand in the sport today is Hyperlite.  Born in 1991 on the shores of Lake Sammamish, Hyperlite has always been and continues to be a pioneer in the wakeboarding industry.

No matter your style, this diverse and revolutionary product line is designed to help elevate your riding skills.  The result of thousands of hours of research and development from an innovative team of shapers, riders and manufacturers, Hyperlite is focused on providing you the highest quality equipment that is engineered to keep up with the ever changing landscape of  wakeboarding.

Hyperlite sponsors many professional wakeboarders and wakeskaters, such as Shaun Murray, Rusty Malinoski, Denise de Haan and Heather Johnson.  Their wakeboards were not only amongst the first on the scene, but founder Herb O’Brien was one of the founding members of this now nationally known sport. Herb teamed up with some of the best surfboard shapers in Hawaii to design and build the first compression-molded neutral-buoyancy wakeboard, the Hyperlite. This innovation sparked the massive growth of what today is known as wakeboarding. The Hyperlite’s features such as neutral buoyancy and better bindings gave riding behind a boat a new feel that was comfortable and accessible.buxtonnn

Hyperlite wakeboards have come a long way in the past several years and now feature top-of-the-line technology that professionals and novices alike can appreciate and enjoy.  Specializing in only the highest quality wakeboard gear, from ropes and specialized handles to boots and apparel, you simply cannot go wrong by investing in the Hyperlite brand.

Hyperlite is a company that continues to create technology that pushes the limits and allows its riders to perform to the best of their ability.  They combine the technology that you need with the design that you will love.   Call or visit Buxton Marine to find out how you can push yourself to the limit and discover the awesomeness that is Hyperlite today!

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