Boat Winterizing Advice and Checklist from Buxton Marine in Lewisville!

After a fun summer on the lake, here are some helpful winterizing tips and a checklist from our team at Buxton Marine in Lewisville, Texas to ensure you’ve stored your boat properly during the offseason!

Buxton Marine in Lewisville, Texas joins you in the bitter sadness over another boating season coming to a close. As temperatures continue to drop with fall and winter settling in, you’ll want to make sure you properly winterize your boat in order to have it in good shape in the spring. Don’t let your boat suffer from freezing temperatures any more than it needs to. Read through the following helpful winterizing advice from your boating experts in North Texas at Buxton Marine!

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Boat Winterizing Advice from Buxton Marine in Lewisville, Texas!

All of the items on winterizing mentioned hereafter can be done personally. However, if you have any questions on these items or want the assurance of having a boat service professional doing it, bring your boat by Buxton Marine off I-35 in Lewisville, TX and let our boat-loving experts winterize your boat. One of the first things you’ll want to take a look at is treating your fuel. You’ll want to buy a product like Pennzoil Fuel Stabilizer, PRI-G or Stabil to treat your boat’s fuel. Once you’ve added it to your fuel, you’ll run your engine for about 10 minutes in order to get stabilized fuel circulating throughout the engine. This is an easy $5-10 treatment but can easily cost you $250-1,200 in damages to the carburetors and fuel injectors if you don’t.

Another crucial winterizing treatment you can do is to fog the engine cylinders. Using aerosol fogging solutions, you’ll be able to cat the inside of the engine for ultimate protection during winter temperatures. There are various proprietary products you can use depending on the type of engine your boat has. Without treating your engine cylinders, you run the risk of corrosion building inside the engine, cylinders, pistons and rings. It’s a simple $5-15 treatment but can easily cost you $2,500-15,000 or more in damages.

Lastly, you’ll want to make sure you drain the engine for inboards and stern-drives by removing the water-pump hose and letting it drain. Without draining the engine, water in the cooling chambers are likely to freeze. Outboard motors, of course, self-drain and therefore don’t require this treatment. This literally costs you $0 to drain your engine, yet can easily cost you $5,000-20,000 in damages if you don’t!

Our team at Buxton Marine hopes you have a great off-season. For more help winterizing your boat or treating your engine, don’t hesitate contacting our team. From boat sales to certified service and more, Buxton Marine is your go-to pro-shop in North Texas!

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