Include Your Wake Boat in Spring Cleaning this Year!

With Spring Break and warm weather in North Texas, our team at Buxton Marine encourages you to include your wake boat as you set out to do some Spring Cleaning!

As millions Americans enjoy Spring Break and the great outdoors, many will take the opportunity to do some Spring Cleaning! Our team at Buxton Marine in Lewisville, Texas encourages you to include your wake boat during your Spring Cleaning to get it ready for boating season! You and your family would do well to conduct a thorough inspection, including a check on the overall condition of your boat and any maintenance items that might need to attention. Contact our team at Buxton Marine in Lewisville, Texas for any help regarding these Spring Cleaning tips.

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Check Out These Spring Cleaning Tips for Your Wake Boat from Buxton Marine in Lewisville, Texas!

First of all, we encourage you to do a walk-around and check to see that everything seems to be in it’s proper place. This is also a good time to make sure there aren’t any critters that might have made a new home during the colder months. Other items you’ll want to check for include any tears in boat canvas, such as seat covers and boat covers. From there, you can wash your boat to get the accumulated dust off.

Our team at Buxton Marine can do an engine check to make sure the engine is running as it should. If you didn’t get an oil change at the end of last season, it’s important to change the oil and check your oil filter. Another Spring Cleaning item on your checklist should be to test the battery and check the lines. Make sure the fuel lines, electric connections and wires are all inspected and working properly. Finally, check the paint on the boat deck and any damages that need to be addressed so you can save from having to do costly repairs later.

Buxton Marine is located off I-35 in Lewisville, Texas and serves North Texas with new and used boat sales, wake boat service and even financing. We look forward to serving you and your family this boating season!

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Build Your Dream Boat with the All-New Design Your Nautique 3.0

Head to Buxton Marine in Lewisville, Texas and build your dream boat with the all-new Design Your Nautique 3.0!

Buxton Marine is your premier wakeboard boat dealer in North Texas with an extensive inventory of new Nautique boats, wakeboard boat accessories and more! Our team is thrilled to reveal the all-new Design Your Nautique 3.0 interface where you can build your dream boat with fun, interactive features.

The all-new Design Your Nautique software available at is loaded with new features that make building your own wakeboard boat exciting and truly realistic. With three available backgrounds, you can set your scene and start building one of your own customized Nautique wakeboard boats. These award-winning 2015 models come with incredible features, accessories and add-ons depending on you and your family’s boating needs.

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Build Your Own Nautique Boat at Buxton Marine in Lewisville, Texas!

The all-new Design Your Nautique also allows you to highlight key features using new clickable hotspots that provide you with an in-depth description and look at different items on your customizable boat. Even more, you can connect with other Nautique lovers around the globe with the ability to view and like the designs of others depending on model or timeframe you select. You can access the new Design Your Nautique platform from your computer, tablet or smartphone and can save your design for future edits.

As you can see on the Design Your Nautique website, you have the option of custom designing all Nautique models including Ski Nautique 200-OB, Ski Nautique 200-CB, Sport Nautique 200, Super Air Nautique G21, Super Air Nautique G23, Super Air Nautique G25, Super Air Nautique 210 and Super Air Nautique 230. Once you’ve custom designed your dream Nautique wakeboard boat, head to Buxton Marine in Lewisville, Texas for additional information and pricing. Our team is eager and available to help as you custom-fit your perfect dream boat for wakeboarding, wakesurfing and more!

Our team at Buxton Marine can’t wait to see what you design with the all-new Design Your Nautique 3.0. Contact our team if you have any questions or need some direction as you design your next dream boat. We look forward to serving you soon!

Bring in the New Year with a New Nautique Boat from Buxton Marine

Kick off the New Year with a bang by buying a new Nautique from Buxton Marine in Lewisville, Texas!

From our family at Buxton Marine, we hope you and yours had a fabulous holiday season and are off to a Happy New Year. We are grateful to serve North Texas with unbeatable sales, fully trained service and matchless customer care for today’s inboard towboats. What better way to start the New Year than with a new wakeboard boat from Buxton Marine near Dallas, Texas! We invite you to check out our current inventory or head to our dealership today located off I-35 in Lewisville!

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Get a New Boat for the New Year from Buxton Marine in Lewisville, Texas!

As you can see from our current inventory on our website, we have an incredible lineup of 2015 Correct Craft Super Air Nautique wakeboard boats to choose from as well as the option to build your own to get your towboat to your exact preferences. We have several Super Air Nautique 210 models, providing you with the latest technology and design features you’ve come to love in Nautique boats. Wakeboard and wakesurf enthusiasts love the Pro Wake/Surf Ballast that gives an extra 600 pounds on top of the internal 1,150 pounds, creating more push and wake size than ever!

Step it up a level with the Super Air Nautique 230 model. This beast of a wakeboard boat provides wakeboard riders a maximum ballast capacity of 2,100 pounds for a bigger, more consistent wake and a clean lip for incredible riding. Above all, the Super Air Nautique G-Series from Buxton Marine is the official towboat of the Nautique Wake Series and the U.S.A. National Wakesurf Championships. Head to Buxton Marine today to check out these massive wakeboard boats and experience the difference for yourself.

Buxton Marine, located off I-35 North in Lewisville, Texas, serves Dallas, Plano and Grapevine with wakeboard boat sales, factory-trained service and even boat financing. Our team invites you to our dealership today to check out our current lineup. Bring in the New Year with a new Nautique boat from Buxton Marine!