10 Water Ski Safety Tips for Beginner Water Skiers and Wakeboarders

Skiing has been surpassed in recent years by wakeboarding, but it feels like it’s making a comeback in some markets! And if you’re interested in water skiing, then the Ski Nautique is hands down the best boat on the market. 

Water ski safety tips for your Ski Nautique!

Maybe this is the summer you learn to water ski! Whether you are learning to water ski or even wakeboard, here are some water ski safety tips to keep your safe in the water: 

  1. Don’t Signal Unless You Want to Start: Don’t ever give the “go” signal until you are completely ready to start your run. This means your body is completely stable, your hands are firmly gripping the rope, and you’re ready to rock. 
  2. Keep the Rope out Front: Do not attempt to wrap the rope around any part of your body or feed your arms or hands through the handle, as both could result in severe injury.
  3. Fall Sideways or Back: Sometimes you just know a fall is coming! If so, the safest way to do it is to fall on your side, or even to the back. Avoid falling forward as you might smack into the skis and risk injury.  
  4. Turn Motor Off Between Runs: If you’re trying to get in or out of the water, be sure the driver as completely turned off the motor before jumping in or swimming in the vicinity of the motor. 
  5. Steer Clear of Obstacles: This should go without saying, but never ski near buoys, tree stumps, docks, or other boats. Only ski out on open water with plenty of room to maneuver. 
  6. Check the Equipment: Before heading out to the lake, be sure to check equipment to be sure there is no damage to the skis or ropes that are frayed. 
  7. Learn the Proper Hand Signals: When skiing or wakeboarding, it is your responsibility to know how to signal the driver to speed up, slow down, or stop. 
  8. Be Safe After a Fall: If you fall and find that another boat is heading your way, have a whistle installed on your life jacket to blow as a signal, wave  arms, or even lift a ski up in the air to grab attention. 
  9. Check Rope Lengths: If you’re learning to ski with someone else, be sure both you and your fellow skier are using ropes that are the same length. 
  10. Have fun! 

Buxton Marine – the best boat dealer in Lewisville, Texas – wishes you good times ahead!

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