Nautique Brings you Boat Capacity Ratings You Can Trust

When shopping for a new wakeboard or wakesurf boat, it’s important to look for the sticker with the boat capacity ratings on it to ensure you are buying the right boat for your recreational needs.


Did you know that not all boating manufacturers account for ballast in their boat capacity numbers?


That’s a scary thought – especially when you bought the boat with the intention of using the ballast for wakesurfing or wakeboarding!


How Can Boat Capacity Standards Vary by Manufacturer?

It’s a common misconception that the U.S. Coast Guard regulates all boating capacity ratings, when in fact, it only regulates boats up to 19 ft. After that, the NMMA – or National Marine Manufacturers Association – develops boat capacity ratings for participating manufacturers using boat size, materials, depth, etc. to determine the appropriate number. The ABYC creates standards for boats over 26 ft.


While most manufacturers – like Nautique and manufacturers carried at Buxton Marine – are a part of this association, it’s very important to note that some are not. If a boating manufacturer is not a part of the NMMA, they do not have to build their boat to specific standards and can state any capacity and ballast numbers they choose. This is very important when it comes to ballast because the NMMA requires all factory-installed ballast to be reported and accounted for in the capacity. Some manufacturers choose to ship boats to dealers without the ballast included, which means a dealer installs it after-market. The problem with this is that the added ballast is not included in the final capacity rating on the sticker and could affect your safety and liability if something goes wrong.

The Bottom Line: When buying a new wakeboard boat in Texas, pay close attention to capacity and ballast numbers. You can always trust Buxton Marine and Nautique to sell only factory-installed ballasts, so there is no question as to how much weight the boat can hold. There is a reason the pros choose Nautique!!


If you’re ready to buy a new wakeboard boat in Lewisville, Texas, call Buxton Marine – the #1 Nautique dealer!

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