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At Buxton Marine – the leading boat dealer in Lewisville, Texas – we know a thing or two about wakeboarding and water sports. If you are looking to start wakeboarding, it’s important to know that all wakeboards are not created equally. Follow these tips for choosing the perfect wakeboard:


#1: Have Your Own Board

This may seem like a no brainer, but some new wakeboarders who are just trying out the sport try to share a board with a buddy. Financially, it makes sense, but neither of you is going to be getting the most of our your board. Just like any equipment, a perfect wakeboard needs to be tailored to your individual needs, skill level, and size.


#2: Know What’s at the Core

Wakeboards are generally made with a foam core or a wood core that is then wrapped in fiberglass. Both boards have their pros and cons: Wood boards are said to add that extra “pop” off of the wake and have more flexibility, but fiberglass boards tend to be more durable – not to mention cheaper. The perfect wakeboard for you will depend on your individual needs.


#3: Consider your Riding Style

Do you want to switch which foot is forward, or do you prefer to keep the same foot forward at all times? You can purchase either a single tip board or a twin-tip board depending on your needs and riding style.

#4: Look at Fin Styles

Who knew there were so many options for wakeboards in the fins alone! You can get deeper fins for beginners, shallower fins for more advanced wakeboards, or no fin at all. The fins help control the board in the water, so generally speaking, the more advanced you are, the less you will rely on a fin for support.


#5: Get Supportive Bindings

As you progress in your wakeboarding abilities, having bindings that fit to your feet will go a long way in helping you improve and find the perfect wakeboard. Each manufacturer offers a wide variety of bindings; just find the one most comfortable for you!


Interested in buying a new wakeboard in Dallas? Come see us at the Buxton Marine Pro Shop! We are your leading Nautique dealer and carry a huge selection of wakeboards by Ronix, Hyperlite, Liquid Force, Inland Surfer, and more.

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