Buying a Wakeboard Boat on a Budget – What You Need to Know

Think wakeboard boats are only for the wealthy?

Think again.


There are wakeboard and ski boats for all price points, you just have to know where to look. At Buxton Marine, we are the #1 boat dealer in North Texas for a reason, and we know boats! Here are a few tips on buying a wakeboard boat on a budget:


  1. Go for an Inboard Boat


Even if you are on a budget, you do not want a cheap quality boat. Inboard boats – like Nautique – are made to last. They are generally a little more expensive and hold their value better than other models because they are reliable. If you do have an issue, most service departments can get parts easily and fix your boat easily – meaning less money on repairs.


  1. Consider Quality, Older Model Boats


If your budget is tight, then talk to a dealer or someone you trust about older model boats. If they are well built – like a Nautique – then they may be a great way to save money without sacrificing quality, because again, many older inboard boats are made to last.

  1. Have Eyes Everywhere


Work with a reputable dealer to get eyes on the ground in terms of what boats are available and what might be coming available. Search online. You may even want to give your contact information to a few people at the local marina in case they hear of someone who is selling a boat that meets your criteria. Having eyes everywhere means you may be able to get a steal on a boat before it is ever officially on the market.


  1. Add Up the Costs


The costs of boat ownership go beyond just the monthly payment, so be sure that when you are selecting your budget, that you factor in insurance, maintenance, registration, etc.


If you’re ready to begin shopping for the best boat on a budget, then give us a call at Buxton Marine in Lewisville, Texas. We specialize in finding the perfect boat for all budget levels.


Good times ahead!

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