Boating with Kids: Safety Tips from Buxton Marine Lewisville

Enjoying the water with your family and boating with kids can be one of the most rewarding family activities and source of many memories that will be cherished for years to come. Whether you have a ski boat, wakeboard boat, fishing boat, or something in between, it’s important to instill boating safety tips into your kids. Here are 4 top safety tips for boating with kids from Buxton Marine – your top Lewisville boat dealer:


  1. Buy the Right Life Jacket

Life jackets can be uncomfortable for children, but it’s essential that they wear them at all times! Make sure your child’s life jacket fits well, preferably with a crotch strap, a handle in the back to grab them if necessary, and a collar that will flip the child over face up in the water. Bright colors are also good for life jackets, as they increase visibility.


  1. Add a Whistle to the Child’s Life Jacket

A safety whistle can be an excellent tool if a child is sitting in the water unattended and waiting for the boat to come pick them up again. Consider attaching a safety whistle to each child’s life vest and teaching them when and how to use this handy device!


  1. Create Refuge from the Sun

When boating with kids, it’s easy to forget how draining the sun can be! Create spaces in your boat that a child can take a nap or seek refuge from the sun in general. Consider purchasing a boat with a Bimini top or other removable top that can shield the sunrays if need be.


  1. Set a Good Example

Children often learn by example. Practice safe boating habits and train your children in them as they ride on the boat. No dangling over the side, being aware of the propeller, asking before jumping in, etc. are all safe boating rules that can be taught by example.


Ready to begin boating with kids in Lewisville, Texas? Head to Buxton Marine today and let us show you the boat of your dreams! Good times ahead!

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