Boat Safety: What You Need to Know to Navigate the Lake Safely at Night

Whether you’re going for an evening cruise on the lake or accidently stayed out longer than you would have liked, understanding boat safety and how to navigate your boat safely at night is a must. Here are a few tips from Buxton Marine in Lewisville, Texas for safe boating after dark:

  • Don’t Go Alone

If you’re going for an evening cruise, be sure to bring a buddy or two along. Not only will your ride be more fun, but you could use an extra pair of eyes to help you navigate after dark. A day on the lake can fatigue your eyes, so be sure you’ve got your bases covered here. 

  •  Reduce Your Speed

At night, light reflecting off the surface of the lake can cause some disorientation in terms of what is actually on the lake up ahead. Slow down and watch carefully if driving after dark. Pay attention to local regulations on boat speed after dusk.

  • Proper Lighting is a Must

Running lights are a mandatory boat safety feature, and if you plan on boating after dark, be sure to brush up on the proper navigation lights and how to use them. You’ll also want to test your lights to make sure they are in good working order. Switch all dashboard lighting to night mode to make viewing easier. 

  • Listen Carefully

When your vision is impaired by darkness, your hearing can help fill in the sensory gaps. Turn off your stereo, take off headphones, and listen for other boats, horns, whistles, etc. 

  • Drive Sober

Driving sober is imperative – whether it’s day or night. Keep yourself and your passengers safe by keeping all your senses alert and aware of your surroundings. 

Have more questions about boat safety and boating after dark? Come by Buxton Marine in Lewisville, Texas and ask our knowledgeable sales staff! We’d love to answer any questions you have and show you the boat safety features available on the new 2019 Nautique models! We’re the #1 Nautique dealer in the country for a reason! 

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Nautique MicroTuners: What They are and Why They Matter

Nautique continues to strive for excellence in innovation, and it’s just one of the reasons we love selling so many Nautique boats and are proud to be the #1 Nautique dealer in the country

One such innovation that hit the watersking world by storm is the patented Nautique MicroTuner technology. So much so, that it actually won the Water Sports Industry Association Leadership Award for Most Innovative Product of 2018 and a NMMA Innovation Award as well. Buxton Marine is here to shed some light on this award-winning product:

What are Nautique MicroTuners?

Available on the all-new redesigned Ski Nautiques, MicroTuners are basically little blades that can be deployed from the boat to move water around so that the troughs behind the boat no longer exist. The result: a perfectly flat ski surface free of troughs that take the skier below the normal water level. 

Why Nautique MicroTuners? 

With a perfectly flat ski surface, every skier’s ability improves! He or she is able to move with more ease, as they are completely in contact with the water throughout the ride. Experts in the field call this innovation one of the most revolutionary advancements in water skiing they’ve seen in recent history! Nautique MicroTuners are the real deal and you’ll want to check them out for yourself at Buxton Marine! 

Nautique is the only ski boat on the market with the patented Nautique MicroTuner technology, and if you’re an avid skier or in the market for a ski boat, you’ll definitely want to check it out! Come by Buxton Marine in Lewisville, Texas to learn more from one of our expertly trained sales staff. We can’t wait to show you the Nautique difference! We are proudly located near Lake Lewisville in Lewisville, Texas and at Cedar Creek Lake in Malakoff, Texas.

10 Water Ski Safety Tips for Beginner Water Skiers and Wakeboarders

Skiing has been surpassed in recent years by wakeboarding, but it feels like it’s making a comeback in some markets! And if you’re interested in water skiing, then the Ski Nautique is hands down the best boat on the market. 

Water ski safety tips for your Ski Nautique!

Maybe this is the summer you learn to water ski! Whether you are learning to water ski or even wakeboard, here are some water ski safety tips to keep your safe in the water: 

  1. Don’t Signal Unless You Want to Start: Don’t ever give the “go” signal until you are completely ready to start your run. This means your body is completely stable, your hands are firmly gripping the rope, and you’re ready to rock. 
  2. Keep the Rope out Front: Do not attempt to wrap the rope around any part of your body or feed your arms or hands through the handle, as both could result in severe injury.
  3. Fall Sideways or Back: Sometimes you just know a fall is coming! If so, the safest way to do it is to fall on your side, or even to the back. Avoid falling forward as you might smack into the skis and risk injury.  
  4. Turn Motor Off Between Runs: If you’re trying to get in or out of the water, be sure the driver as completely turned off the motor before jumping in or swimming in the vicinity of the motor. 
  5. Steer Clear of Obstacles: This should go without saying, but never ski near buoys, tree stumps, docks, or other boats. Only ski out on open water with plenty of room to maneuver. 
  6. Check the Equipment: Before heading out to the lake, be sure to check equipment to be sure there is no damage to the skis or ropes that are frayed. 
  7. Learn the Proper Hand Signals: When skiing or wakeboarding, it is your responsibility to know how to signal the driver to speed up, slow down, or stop. 
  8. Be Safe After a Fall: If you fall and find that another boat is heading your way, have a whistle installed on your life jacket to blow as a signal, wave  arms, or even lift a ski up in the air to grab attention. 
  9. Check Rope Lengths: If you’re learning to ski with someone else, be sure both you and your fellow skier are using ropes that are the same length. 
  10. Have fun! 

Buxton Marine – the best boat dealer in Lewisville, Texas – wishes you good times ahead!

First Time Boat Ownership: 5 Things to Consider Before You Purchase

Buying a boat is always fun, but just like any major purchase, there are things you should consider before taking the leap into boat ownership. Buxton Marine – the best boat dealer in DFW – offers these 5 tips on things you should consider before boat ownership:

  • New or Pre-Owned?

Buxton Marine is the #1 Nautique dealer in the country, so we sell lots of beautiful new boats – but we have pre-owned inventory from the top manufacturers too. New boats will have a warranty, but will come with a heftier price tag and more depreciation. Pre-owned boats are more economical.

  • How Much Will You Use It?

This is an important question and can help you make a decision on #1. Are you taking it out once a week – or once a month? Being realistic about how much time you have to devote to boating will help inform what type of boat to purchase for your needs. 

  • How Will You Use it?

Before shopping for a boat, it’s important to make a list of all the ways you plan to use the boat, so that you can be sure the boat you purchase has all the bells and whistles to accomplish those goals. Will it be a family boat? How many people will you take out? Is it for joyriding or watersports? Will you fish with it? 

  • Where Will You Store It?

Storage is an important consideration because it can add to the cost of your boat ownership. You’ll also need to consider that if it’s being trailered and moved about, you’ll need the proper vehicle and equipment to make that happen. 

  • How Much Can You Spend?

Remember, the cost of boat ownership isn’t just about the purchase price. You must also account for storage, gasoline, maintenance costs, cleaning, and insurance. 

Super Air Nautique For Sale at Buxton Marine Lewisville!

Ready to explore boat ownership with the best boat dealer in North Texas? Buxton Marine in Lewisville, Texas is here to help! Come by today and let us help you find the Nautique or other boat of your dreams.

Bimini Maintenance and Safety Tips all Boat Owners Should Know

So you bought a boat with a bimini – Congratulations! At Buxton Marine – the #1 boat dealer in North Texas – we are excited for you to spend good times ahead on the lake with your friends and family. 

And now that you’re a proud owner of that bimini, the service department here at Buxton Marine in Lewisville, Texas as a few tips on how to maintain and operate your bimini for long-lasting fun:

Bimini Maintenance

Extend the life of your bimini and enjoy it for years to come with these simple bimini maintenance tips:

  • Washing the Bimini: Remove any debris from the bimini as soon as you notice it. A couple times a season (and for sure at the end of the season), give the bimini a good bath using lukewarm water and soap. Biminis should always be hand-washed and then air dried to retain shape and size. 
  • Check the Fittings: Before hitting the lake, make it a habit of inspecting the bimini fittings to make sure they are good and tight. If you notice any loose or broken screws, screw them back down immediately or replace. You’ll also want to do the same inspection of the hold-down straps.
  • Stow When Not in Use: By stowing the bimini when trailering or not in use, you are reducing the chance of unnecessary warping or rips that can reduce the life of your bimini.

Bimini Boat Safety Precautions

Biminis are great – if you operate correctly! Follow these guidelines for safety when using biminis on the lake:

  • Know the Wind Speed: High winds and biminis don’t mix. If the wind is strong, store the bimini for another day.
  • Test for Max Speed: After installing the bimini, give the boat a little gas and see how it performs. Watch for any fittings or straps that are loose and flapping, and do not operate until they are fixed. Also – watch for the speed at which the bimini flaps so much that it isn’t safe, and either stay below that speed or stow at that speed.
  • Handle the Bimini with Care: Carelessness when towing can cause unnecessary damage to your bimini. Be sure to follow guidelines for storage to make sure unsightly rips do not occur. 

We hope these bimini maintenance and safety tips were helpful to you today as you prepare for another great season on the lake! If you’re interested in learning more about biminis – or checking out a beautiful boat that has one! – come see us at Buxton Marine in Lewisville, Texas, proudly offering the best boats from Nautique, MasterCraft, Tige, Supra, and more of the leading wakeboard boats on the market. 

De-Winterize Your Boat: 3 Steps to Get Your Boat Ready for Spring

You ready to hit the lake in your Nautique boat?

Not so fast.

Before hitting the lake for the first time this Spring, it’s important to properly de-winterize your boat. Follow these tips from the service department at Buxton Marine in Lewisville, Texas to get your boat ready for the lake in no time:

Step 1: Visual Inspection

Before you do anything, be sure to do a visual inspection of the boat. If the boat is covered with a cover or tarp, inspect it for damage and note any issues. After lifting it off, carefully inspect the paint for chips, screws and fittings for rust, and the hull for cracks. And don’t forget about the trailer! Do the same in-depth inspection of the trailer and note any warped or rusted items that need replacing. 

Step 2: Clean & Replace 

After your boat has been out of commission for a season, mildew and unwanted creatures can creep into the boat, so give your boat a thorough wash and wax to really make it shine as you de-winterize your boat. Also, open up all of the compartments within and take stock off what’s inside. Check gear, fire extinguishers, and other safety equipment to make sure it’s all there, in good working condition, and not expired. Throw out any items that you no longer need or are past their prime. 

Step 3: Check the Mechanics.

Now that the physical part is done, it’s time to inspect the mechanics of your boat. First off, if you used potable anti-freeze in certain water systems of the boat, flush it out. Next, charge or replace the battery. If the boat sat for one season, then charge it and give it a go. If it has sat any longer than that, we would recommend replacing the battery. You’ll then want to check the engine, flush any old fuel that might still be in the system, and inspect filters, spark plugs, etc. Be aware of any strange sounds when you rev up the engine and seek professional boat service if any issues arise.

If you have any issues or questions about de-winterizing your boat, call our service department at Buxton Marine in Lewisville, Texas. As the best boat dealer in North Texas, our team services Nautique, MasterCraft, Malibu, Tige, and more on a regular basis, and we’re happy to help get your boat ready for Spring.

Good times ahead!

It’s Time to Demo a Nautique at Buxton Marine Lewisville!

It’s that time again…the weather is warming up and we’ll see be spending the long, lazy days of summer on the lake. If you’re been wanting to take the plunge into boat ownership – or been eyeing a beautiful new Nautique and want to upgrade – now is the time to take one of our boats out for a test-drive!

Demo Days at Buxton Marine

You’re welcome to take any of our models out for a spin so that you can get a feel for which Nautique model suits you best. And don’t forget to talk with our knowledgeable sales staff as well about what your needs are. They are here to help you find the perfect wakeboard boat for you! Demo any of our Nautique models, including the Super Air Nautique G23 – the world’s best wakeboard boat – or the Nautique 200 – which is versatile and perfect for just about any watersport you want to do. 

What Can I Expect on Demo Day at Buxton Marine?

When you come and demo one of our Nautique models, you’ll get a feel for the handling of the boat, features, ballast, wake, etc. You can even bring your board and get out for a ride! Expect to learn a ton of information and have lots to process, so we recommend keeping your crew to a minimum and not to bring small children that will be a distraction. Above all, expect a great time on the lake!

Look for Scheduled Nautique Demo Days at Buxton Marine!

We are always open to scheduling private Nautique boat demos, but also be on the lookout for scheduled Nautique demo days where we’ll bring the boats out on the water, plus we’ll be cooking up great food and serving ice cold beverages. These are great events to acquaint yourself with the Nautique brand with no pressure added. 

Buxton Marine is proud to say we’re the #1 Nautique dealer in the world – and we’d love to show you why! Come see us for a demo this Spring and you’ll thank us come Summer. 

Good times ahead!

What to Do If You Get Caught in a Thunderstorm on the Lake

Everyone knows our weather in Texas is volatile. And on those warm summer days, a surge of cooler air can come in and collide – causing thunderstoms on the lake! So what do you do if you get caught on the lake in a thunderstorm?! Here are some tips from Buxton Marine – the #1 Nautique dealer – on how to weather the storm safely:

Know the Weather Forecast

Our weather forecasters don’t always get the weather right, but paying attention to the National Weather Service and what weather conditions they are predicting for the day is step 1 in avoiding getting caught in a storm on the lake.

Watch the Sky

As you are out boating and having a great time on your Nautique, watch the sky. Are dark skies rolling in? Do you see lighting or hear thunder in the distance? Thunder and lightning is first detectable from distances over a mile away, so if you see or hear a storm brewing, it’s a good idea to get to the shoreline before the skies open up.

Practice Precaution On Board

If you get caught in a storm, make sure that everyone on board is in a life jacket! This is vitally important, should the boat rock and anyone get thrown overboard. Also, get each person to the lowest point on board, as to keep them away from being a target in the sky. 

Navigate the Water Safely

As the storm rolls in, point your boat’s bow toward the gusts of wind, as this is the strongest part of the boat. Cut giant waves at a 45 degree angle. Do not let the waves and the wind cut your boat abeam, as this can make your boat more prone to capsizing.

When you are buying a Nautique, you know you are buying quality that can make stormy days on the lake more bearable – and more safe. Come see us at Buxton Marine – the #1 Nautique dealer – to learn more about what makes Nautique the best boat on the market. 

What Do I Look for in a Beginner Wakeboard? – Buxton Marine Lewisville

You’ve got the boat – now it’s time to buy the gear! Here are a few tips from Buxton Marine in Lewisville, Texas on what to look for in a beginner wakeboard:

Length & Width

Let’s start here. If you’re a beginner, then in general, you’ll want to look for a board that’s a little oversized for your height and weight because it will be easier to maneuver on. This guide is a great start to assess the right length/width for you. 

Single or Twin Tip?

If you’re a beginner, look for a board that has a twin tip. This allows you to maneuver more easily in multiple directions – not just one.


As you would guess, the fins allow you to steer the board. If you’re a beginner, this is a helpful feature! Look for longer and deeper fins to maximize maneuverability. You can also buy boards with removable fins that will allow you to use them when you begin, but then remove them as you advance in the sport.


When it comes to wakeboards, the rocker applies to how curved the bottom of the board is. The more rocker it has, the better the board is at performing more advanced tricks and stunts. If you’re a beginner, you’ll want a board with a continuous rocker that smoothly transitions from flat to curved and makes your ride more forgiving.


The edge of the board matters when it comes to speed, acceleration, and ease on the water. Many advanced boards have sharp edges, but if you’re a beginner, look for rounded edges that leave room for error as you learn to steer the board. 

Want more help picking out the perfect beginner wakeboard? Call Buxton Marine or come by our pro shop at Long Cove Marina or Lake Lewisville. Our staff can help you pick out the perfect board for your needs. 

What to Look for in Replacement Boat Speakers

For many boat owners, the sound system is vitally important to their boating experience. Sure, you want the boat to handle well and perform well for watersports, but the tunes just make that day at the lake any better. 

At Buxton Marine in Lewisville, Texas, we get questions from boat owners on how to switch out and replace boat speaker, so here are a few tips on how to do it:

  • Double Check Measurements

If there is one thing we’ve learned, it’s that every speaker has different dimensions! Don’t assume a “standard sized” speaker will do the brick. Boat speakers vary by brand and install; double-check your measurements to make sure you are purchasing the right replacement size. Also – think about going with the biggest size that will fit your space, as it will offer better sound for your money.

  • Know What Wattage You Need

The last thing you want to do is blow out those fabulous new boat speakers because you loaded them with too much power! Not sure how much load each speaker can handle? A knowledge boat dealer or boat speaker rep can help you, but look at your amplifier and determine how many watts it is created for. Then, divide that number by the number of speakers you plant to attach to carry the load. Also be sure to be wary that wattage is communicated different ways by different manufacturers; some use “peak wattage,” others “RMS wattage.”

  • Get the Right Quality

We all want the best quality boat speakers in our wakeboard boat, right?! Before making a purchase, talk to a knowledgeable Dallas boat dealer about the various types of speakers on the market – and the pros and cons of each. You will find dual cone speakers, coaxial speakers, and component speakers all available – each with different advantages. If you want the best, then component speakers are the way to go, but they are most expensive. 

When buying a Nautique boat, one thing you can be sure of is that their boats come from the factory equipped with amazing speakers for great sound from day 1. Ready to talk to the #1 Nautique dealer about getting your hands on one before the summer boating season? Now is the time to talk to Buxton Marine in Lewisville, Texas – the #1 boat dealer for a reason!