Boat Safety: What You Need to Know to Navigate the Lake Safely at Night

Whether you’re going for an evening cruise on the lake or accidently stayed out longer than you would have liked, understanding boat safety and how to navigate your boat safely at night is a must. Here are a few tips from Buxton Marine in Lewisville, Texas for safe boating after dark:

  • Don’t Go Alone

If you’re going for an evening cruise, be sure to bring a buddy or two along. Not only will your ride be more fun, but you could use an extra pair of eyes to help you navigate after dark. A day on the lake can fatigue your eyes, so be sure you’ve got your bases covered here. 

  •  Reduce Your Speed

At night, light reflecting off the surface of the lake can cause some disorientation in terms of what is actually on the lake up ahead. Slow down and watch carefully if driving after dark. Pay attention to local regulations on boat speed after dusk.

  • Proper Lighting is a Must

Running lights are a mandatory boat safety feature, and if you plan on boating after dark, be sure to brush up on the proper navigation lights and how to use them. You’ll also want to test your lights to make sure they are in good working order. Switch all dashboard lighting to night mode to make viewing easier. 

  • Listen Carefully

When your vision is impaired by darkness, your hearing can help fill in the sensory gaps. Turn off your stereo, take off headphones, and listen for other boats, horns, whistles, etc. 

  • Drive Sober

Driving sober is imperative – whether it’s day or night. Keep yourself and your passengers safe by keeping all your senses alert and aware of your surroundings. 

Have more questions about boat safety and boating after dark? Come by Buxton Marine in Lewisville, Texas and ask our knowledgeable sales staff! We’d love to answer any questions you have and show you the boat safety features available on the new 2019 Nautique models! We’re the #1 Nautique dealer in the country for a reason! 

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Nautique MicroTuners: What They are and Why They Matter

Nautique continues to strive for excellence in innovation, and it’s just one of the reasons we love selling so many Nautique boats and are proud to be the #1 Nautique dealer in the country

One such innovation that hit the watersking world by storm is the patented Nautique MicroTuner technology. So much so, that it actually won the Water Sports Industry Association Leadership Award for Most Innovative Product of 2018 and a NMMA Innovation Award as well. Buxton Marine is here to shed some light on this award-winning product:

What are Nautique MicroTuners?

Available on the all-new redesigned Ski Nautiques, MicroTuners are basically little blades that can be deployed from the boat to move water around so that the troughs behind the boat no longer exist. The result: a perfectly flat ski surface free of troughs that take the skier below the normal water level. 

Why Nautique MicroTuners? 

With a perfectly flat ski surface, every skier’s ability improves! He or she is able to move with more ease, as they are completely in contact with the water throughout the ride. Experts in the field call this innovation one of the most revolutionary advancements in water skiing they’ve seen in recent history! Nautique MicroTuners are the real deal and you’ll want to check them out for yourself at Buxton Marine! 

Nautique is the only ski boat on the market with the patented Nautique MicroTuner technology, and if you’re an avid skier or in the market for a ski boat, you’ll definitely want to check it out! Come by Buxton Marine in Lewisville, Texas to learn more from one of our expertly trained sales staff. We can’t wait to show you the Nautique difference! We are proudly located near Lake Lewisville in Lewisville, Texas and at Cedar Creek Lake in Malakoff, Texas.