First Time Boat Ownership: 5 Things to Consider Before You Purchase

Buying a boat is always fun, but just like any major purchase, there are things you should consider before taking the leap into boat ownership. Buxton Marine – the best boat dealer in DFW – offers these 5 tips on things you should consider before boat ownership:

  • New or Pre-Owned?

Buxton Marine is the #1 Nautique dealer in the country, so we sell lots of beautiful new boats – but we have pre-owned inventory from the top manufacturers too. New boats will have a warranty, but will come with a heftier price tag and more depreciation. Pre-owned boats are more economical.

  • How Much Will You Use It?

This is an important question and can help you make a decision on #1. Are you taking it out once a week – or once a month? Being realistic about how much time you have to devote to boating will help inform what type of boat to purchase for your needs. 

  • How Will You Use it?

Before shopping for a boat, it’s important to make a list of all the ways you plan to use the boat, so that you can be sure the boat you purchase has all the bells and whistles to accomplish those goals. Will it be a family boat? How many people will you take out? Is it for joyriding or watersports? Will you fish with it? 

  • Where Will You Store It?

Storage is an important consideration because it can add to the cost of your boat ownership. You’ll also need to consider that if it’s being trailered and moved about, you’ll need the proper vehicle and equipment to make that happen. 

  • How Much Can You Spend?

Remember, the cost of boat ownership isn’t just about the purchase price. You must also account for storage, gasoline, maintenance costs, cleaning, and insurance. 

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Bimini Maintenance and Safety Tips all Boat Owners Should Know

So you bought a boat with a bimini – Congratulations! At Buxton Marine – the #1 boat dealer in North Texas – we are excited for you to spend good times ahead on the lake with your friends and family. 

And now that you’re a proud owner of that bimini, the service department here at Buxton Marine in Lewisville, Texas as a few tips on how to maintain and operate your bimini for long-lasting fun:

Bimini Maintenance

Extend the life of your bimini and enjoy it for years to come with these simple bimini maintenance tips:

  • Washing the Bimini: Remove any debris from the bimini as soon as you notice it. A couple times a season (and for sure at the end of the season), give the bimini a good bath using lukewarm water and soap. Biminis should always be hand-washed and then air dried to retain shape and size. 
  • Check the Fittings: Before hitting the lake, make it a habit of inspecting the bimini fittings to make sure they are good and tight. If you notice any loose or broken screws, screw them back down immediately or replace. You’ll also want to do the same inspection of the hold-down straps.
  • Stow When Not in Use: By stowing the bimini when trailering or not in use, you are reducing the chance of unnecessary warping or rips that can reduce the life of your bimini.

Bimini Boat Safety Precautions

Biminis are great – if you operate correctly! Follow these guidelines for safety when using biminis on the lake:

  • Know the Wind Speed: High winds and biminis don’t mix. If the wind is strong, store the bimini for another day.
  • Test for Max Speed: After installing the bimini, give the boat a little gas and see how it performs. Watch for any fittings or straps that are loose and flapping, and do not operate until they are fixed. Also – watch for the speed at which the bimini flaps so much that it isn’t safe, and either stay below that speed or stow at that speed.
  • Handle the Bimini with Care: Carelessness when towing can cause unnecessary damage to your bimini. Be sure to follow guidelines for storage to make sure unsightly rips do not occur. 

We hope these bimini maintenance and safety tips were helpful to you today as you prepare for another great season on the lake! If you’re interested in learning more about biminis – or checking out a beautiful boat that has one! – come see us at Buxton Marine in Lewisville, Texas, proudly offering the best boats from Nautique, MasterCraft, Tige, Supra, and more of the leading wakeboard boats on the market.