Buxton Marine Tips & Tricks: Mistakes Beginner Water Skiers Make

You’ve purchased the boat (hopefully it’s a Nautique!) and your whole crew is excited to learn to waterski, wakeboard, and wakesurf. Here are a few common mistakes beginner water skiers make and how to avoid them, courtesy of the best boat dealer in North Texas – Buxton Marine!

Mistake #1: Trying to Stand On Your Own

The key to waterskiing – and all watersports for that matter – is so let the boat do the work. Let the boat pull you out of the water, instead of forcing it. Before you begin, wait in your seated position in the water, and gradually stand up as the feel the boat pull you. Resist the urge to stand up too much until you are fully ready and balanced.


Mistake #2: Starting Too Tense

Your goal is to start in the water completely relaxed. If you’re too tense, then you’ll have a tendency to straighten your legs and remain too rigid before the boat every pulls you up. Your goal is to sit in the water, with knees bent, tips up, and letting your body float freely in your life jacket.


Mistake #3: The Wrong Binding Settings

Before you ever get into the water, make sure your ski bindings fit properly. You’ll want to make sure you aren’t sitting too far back on the skis. Move them up as necessary, and get an expertly trained ski instructor to evaluate your bindings if you are unsure if they are fitting properly.


Mistake #4: Too Much Muscle on the Turn

Once you get the hang of skiing and are ready to attempt gliding back and forth across the wake or around a bouy, resist the temptation to muscle it with your arms. Instead, use your body’s natural falling motion to skim the water back the direction in which you’d like to go and get your ski to fall over naturally on the edge.


Mistake #5: Squatting

Now that you’re up, stand up with your body in alignment. If you are skiing with your knees bent and squatting, you’ll be stiff over the waves and more prone to falling. Instead, make sure your knees, hips, and shoulders are all in alignment.

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Buying a Wakeboard Boat on a Budget – What You Need to Know

Think wakeboard boats are only for the wealthy?

Think again.


There are wakeboard and ski boats for all price points, you just have to know where to look. At Buxton Marine, we are the #1 boat dealer in North Texas for a reason, and we know boats! Here are a few tips on buying a wakeboard boat on a budget:


  1. Go for an Inboard Boat


Even if you are on a budget, you do not want a cheap quality boat. Inboard boats – like Nautique – are made to last. They are generally a little more expensive and hold their value better than other models because they are reliable. If you do have an issue, most service departments can get parts easily and fix your boat easily – meaning less money on repairs.


  1. Consider Quality, Older Model Boats


If your budget is tight, then talk to a dealer or someone you trust about older model boats. If they are well built – like a Nautique – then they may be a great way to save money without sacrificing quality, because again, many older inboard boats are made to last.

  1. Have Eyes Everywhere


Work with a reputable dealer to get eyes on the ground in terms of what boats are available and what might be coming available. Search online. You may even want to give your contact information to a few people at the local marina in case they hear of someone who is selling a boat that meets your criteria. Having eyes everywhere means you may be able to get a steal on a boat before it is ever officially on the market.


  1. Add Up the Costs


The costs of boat ownership go beyond just the monthly payment, so be sure that when you are selecting your budget, that you factor in insurance, maintenance, registration, etc.


If you’re ready to begin shopping for the best boat on a budget, then give us a call at Buxton Marine in Lewisville, Texas. We specialize in finding the perfect boat for all budget levels.


Good times ahead!

Why December is the Best Time to Buy a Boat – Buxton Marine Lewisville, Texas

Ever wondered when the best time to buy a boat is?


Well – it’s now!


Below we’ll discuss a few insider secrets on why December is the best time to buy a boat and why you should come see us at Buxton Marine in Lewisville, Texas NOW to get a steal of a deal on a brand new Nautique or one of our pre-owned boat models available.

Why December is the Best Time to Buy at Boat

  • Dealerships are Slower: In December, everyone is out buying Christmas gifts and attending parties, with few in the mood to buy a boat. This means dealerships are slower than normal. While this is bad for dealerships, this is great for you! A dealer may be more willing to adjust pricing because they just want to move inventory during a slow month.
  • New Models are Rolling In: Boat manufacturers are a lot like auto manufacturers and they release new model years mid-year. This means that the end of the year is spent selling current year and last year models, so by December, beautiful brand new boats that are about to be last year’s model may end up as a steal before the New Year.
  • Boat Manufacturer Incentives: Boat manufacturers often offer incentives to dealers for selling a certain amount of stock. If it’s a slow month – like December – a dealer may be more willing to cut a deal just to sell another boat and get closer to receiving the manufacturer incentives!

When Should I Shop for the Best Deals?

If you’re planning to shop for boat deals in December, plan to shop on holidays or on Saturdays for the absolute best deal. Research on auto transactions shows that the steepest discounts were had between Dec. 15 and the end of the month. If shopping early in the month, the best time to buy a boat would be Saturdays when dealers know you’re serious and competition is steep.


Why not give the gift of boating this holiday season?! Come see us at Buxton Marine in Lewisville, Texas or Malakoff, Texas and let us show you what kind of holiday specials we have going on now during the best time to buy a boat!