Gel Coat Maintenance: How to Keep Your Boat’s Gel Coat Shiny

As a boat owner, your boat is your pride and joy and you want it to look brand new for years to come. An important part of any boat’s appearance is its gel coat, and unfortunately, over time the boat’s gel coat can dull or cloud. While this cannot always be prevented, here are a few gel coat maintenance tips on how to keep your boat’s gel coat shiny:


  1. Remove Oxidation in the Spring


Most boat owners will go ahead and get their boat waxed in the Spring, but not so fast. Oxidation can set in over the winter and waxing over it will just make it permanent. Instead, wash the boat thoroughly, then use an oxidation remover and buffer before any wax is applied.


  1. Wax – and Then Wax Some More


If you really want that boat to shine, then a little bit of elbow grease is in order. Start by waxing the boat with a thick paste wax, then follow up with a liquid carnauba-based product to really kick the shine into gear. The liquid wax will need to be reapplied during the season, but does a great job of protecting the bottom layer of wax and pumping up the shine.

  1. Store Away from Sunlight


UV light is the #1 culprit in making gel coat fade and lack that shine you crave. Whenever possible, plan to keep your boat stored out of the sunlight. Additionally, if you take your boat to the ocean, be sure to wash all the saltwater off afterward, as the saltwater crystals magnify the sun and break down the shine.


  1. Follow Each Cleaning with a Wax


During the summer boating season, if you find that you need to use a cleaner or de-greasing product on your boat, be sure to wax again afterward. Boat cleaners often do a great job of cleaning, but do little for gel coat maintenance and break that wax coat down quickly.


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How to Pick the Best Wakeboard

There are few things in life that are truly “one size fits all,” and wakeboards certainly aren’t one of those things. A common misconception is that you can just hop on a buddy’s board and start shredding. Well that just isn’t the case! If you want to learn how to wakeboard, then the right wakeboard is essential. Here are several tips on choosing the best wakeboard:


  1. Bindings are Important


We’ve seen too many people come in looking at wakeboards, and they completely ignore the bindings in their purchase decision. This is a huge mistake! Bindings are created for comfort and protection against injury, making them a crucial part of the wakeboarding experience. Look for bindings that are snug, but comfortable.


  1. Consider the Rocker


A wakeboard’s “rocker” is how much bend the board has, and it is either consider “continuous” or “3-stage.” If you’re just beginning the sport of wakeboarding, then a continuous rocker will be best for you, providing smooth transitions on the water. On the other hand, if you’re looking to get more aggressive with your jumps, then a 3-stage rocker will give you more lift and pop.


  1. Get the Right Size


Do not try to use a board that is the wrong size for your height/weight! A board that is too small will fly underneath you, creating a lack of control; a board that is too big will feel clunky and difficult to maneuver. Check with your pro shop on the appropriate size for your height/weight.


  1. Fiberglass vs. Wood


Fiberglass and wood are the two most popular core elements of a wakeboard, and each has its perks. A fiberglass board – the most popular option – is durable and lighter, while a wood core board will give the rider additional pop off the wake for more advanced tricks.


  1. Always Try it First


Check with your local pro shop – like Buxton Marine in Lewisville, Texas – to see if you can borrow or rent gear before buying it. This helps get a feel for the best wakeboard for you and your skill level, without committing to something you don’t love.

Have more questions about the best wakeboard for you? Visit Buxton Marine in Lewisville, Texas today and ask to speak to our experts in the pro shop!