It’s Time to Check Out the 2019 Super Air Nautique 230

Looking for a gorgeous boat with room for everyone to cruise?


Want a wakeboard boat loaded with the latest state-of-the-art technology and top-of-the-line surround sound system?


Look no further than the 2019 Super Air Nautique 230! Here’s why we love it here at Buxton Marine – the #1 Nautique dealer!


Style Meets Function


The Super Air Nautique 230 is a beautiful wakeboard boat, incorporating sleek curves and modern detailing with a traditional look that just feels timeless. We love that it had the absolute best technology on the market, making each joy ride a dream for wakeboarders and wakesurfers.


Backed by Power


You’ll have no issues getting this boat to do what you want when it boasts the standard PCM ZR4 Engine, or you can upgrade to one of our other engines, including the PCM and GM Marine Engine Technology 5.3L H5 direct-injection engine. Seems like a lot of technical jargon? Just know that precision, torque, and speed are made simple with the power in all of the Nautique models.


Nautique Surf System with HydroGate Technology


The Super Air Nautique 230 is perfect for all levels of riders and one of our favorite features is the Nautique Surf System with HydroGate technology. Within seconds, it can make adjustments to the wake, customizing the ride as the surfer rides along! It’s pretty impressive to see just how it works so flawlessly!


The Nautique Promise


Nautique has 93 years of history built into each and every boat they make. Each purchase of a new Nautique – whether it’s the 230 or not – comes with a 5 year transferrable warranty! You can trust the Nautique name.

Ready to check out the beautiful 2019 Super Air Nautique 230?! Visit us at Buxton Marine in Lewisville, Texas or Buxton Marine in Malakoff, Texas on Cedar Creek Lake. We’re the best boat dealer in Dallas and the #1 Nautique dealer for a reason!

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Selling Your Boat? How to Make the Most Money on the Sale

Have your eye on a brand new boat for the 2019 boating season? Well let’s get your boat ready to sell then! There are certain things you can do to make the most money on the sale of a boat, and Buxton Marine is here with tips on selling your boat the right way:


  1. Deep Cleaning is a Must


Think about it from a buyer’s perspective. If they open compartments (and they will) that have standing water, mold, dirt, mildew, etc., then they’re going to question how well the boat has been maintained. Bring the boat into Buxton Marine for a deep clean and maintenance to get everything in like-new condition before selling your boat.


  1. Record all Maintenance


Speaking of maintenance, now is the time to dig up all of your maintenance records and have them neatly in a file for the prospective buyer. Detailed logs of maintenance shows that you are a boat owner who cares about impeccable quality. Even if you have maintained your boat regularly, it’s a good idea to go ahead and get it serviced with our Buxton Marine service department to ensure all parts are in excellent working order.

  1. Boat Staging


Staging isn’t just for houses – it’s for boats too! If you’re selling a boat, you’ll want to show it in the best light possible in order to get top dollar. While your deep cleaning the boat, take all the contents out and then only put things back in that you’ll sell with the boat. Organize and stage those items so that everything looks pristine. Prospective buyers will notice.


  1. Trailer Condition Matters Too!


Don’t forget about the trailer! If your trailer is looking a little worn, it’s time to repaint, repair chipped paint, remove rust, get new tires, etc. to make that trailer shine as well.


After you’ve sold your current boat, visit us at Buxton Marine in Lewisville, Texas and let us show you the latest 2019 Nautique models, along with gorgeous pre-owned models from Malibu, Mastercraft, Supre, Tige, and more. There’s a reason our customers come back again and again to Buxton Marine of Lewisville!

2019 Nautique Features You Can’t Live Without

Nautique continues to innovate; adding new and exciting features every year that change the way we see boating. Nautique’s ski boats, wakeboard boats, and wakesurf boats make fun on the water more exciting than ever.


So what’s new for the 2019 model year? Here are a few 2019 Nautique features that you just can’t live without:


Actuated Flight Control Tower


Going under that bridge has never been easier! For the 2019 model year, Nautique adds the Actuated Flight Control Tower that raises and lowers – with a  bimini attached – with just the press of a button! How’s that for convenient?!



Skiers rejoice! This feature is a first of its kind and it can be found on the 2019 Ski Nautique! This state-of-the-art microtuner mitigates the rough water and any waves a skier might feel, providing the smoothest ride possible.


Aesthetic Upgrades


While the hardware is important, aesthetic upgrades are pretty important too! We’ve got brand new gel coat colors for 2019 – Steel Blue Metal Blake, Canary Yellow and Solar Red Metal Flake, Steel Blue, and Canary Yellow. Each of these beautiful colors will turn heads on the lake! And then on the G Series, we’re excited to announce a brand new frameless windshield with the sleek, modern feel you crave. It’s the little things that truly set Nautique apart from the rest.


Pro Ballast


GS22 and GS24 models now come equipped with the Pro Ballast, the best in class ballast system that lets you control the waves from the LINC Panoray Touchscreen. Pretty sweet.


These are just a few of the 2019 Nautique features we love! Come by our showroom in Lewisville, Texas or Malakoff, Texas and see these beautiful 2019 Nautique and 2018 Nautique models in person! Buxton Marine is the #1 Nautique dealer in the country and we know our stuff!


Good times ahead!