Purchasing a Wakesurf Board: Skim vs. Surf Style

If you’ve spent any time on the water, then you’ve noticed the latest rage in watersports: wakesurfing.


It’s been around for awhile, but experienced boaters and new boaters alike are getting into the sport because of it’s accessibility for all ages and how fun it is to wakesurf behind one of our Nautique boats. Buxton Marine in Lewisville, Texas has has a Dallas pro shop full of the top wakesurf boards and gear. As you begin looking, you may wonder – do I need a skim board or a surf board? The experts at Buxton Marine are here to offer advice on when to use both:


Skim Boards

If you’re new to wakesurfing, then starting with a skim board is a good idea! These boards are mostly flat, molded boards, making them more durable and great for beginners. They handle 180s and 360s with ease, and many agree they are less likely to nose dive or roll in the water unexpectedly. Plus – if you’re already a wakeboarder, skim boards normally stow really well in a wakeboard rack with very little issues. However, if you are interested in learning to free ride, you may want to look at regular surf style boards, as these skim boards are difficult to free ride on.

Surf Boards

These traditional wakesurf boards mimic traditional surfboards you’d find at the coast – and they handle more like traditional boards too. If you purchase a wakesurf board from Buxton Marine expect the board to handle traditional surfing curves and cutbacks with ease, and freeriding is much easier with surf boards than with skim boards. The downside is that if you are new to the sport and not used to surfing under traditional conditions, these boards may be trickier to maneuver.


Still have questions? Visit us at one of our Buxton Marine Pro Shops, conveniently located in Lewisvile, Texas or at Long Cove Marina in Malakoff, Texas. Our expertly trained sales staff will be happy to discuss our inventory of boards and what wakesurf board is right for you!

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2019 Nautique Wakesurf Series is in the Works!

It’s an exciting time to be a Nautique owner or enthusiast!

Nautique is already known as the best wakeboard boat on the market and continues to grow a following in the wakesurf category as well. Nautique is committed to growing the sport of wakesurfing because it provides hours of fun and enjoyment for all skill levels in a family friendly way.

This is why Nautique is excited to announce the 2019 Nautique Wakesurf Series!

This series is a step toward growing the competitive side of the sport, using the fairly new wakesurf format from WWA (World Wake Association) and then focusing on both skim and surf styles for amateur and pro riders. In the 2019 Nautique Wakesurf Series, riders will be pulled behind the 4 time Wakesurf Boat of the Year, the Super Air Nautique G23, in all stages of the event! The Nautique Wakesurf Series will take its cue from other competitive wakesurfing events and host the top 6 most prestigious wakesurf events. Athletes of all skill levels will be judged not only on skill, but on advancement and progression throughout the competition. The series hopes to make 6 spots around the United States, so stay tuned to learn whether or not it will make a stop near you!


Both Nautique and the WWA are excited about this partnership! It’s a great step in defining wakesurfing as a global sport.

At Buxton Marine, we’re excited to be the #1 Nautique dealer in the country and we’re excited about this advancement for the sport of wakesurfing. If you’re interested in the family friendly Nautique GS Series, perfect for all water sports, then give us a call today! There’s a reason most of our customers are repeat customers and why customers from all over the United States hail to Buxton Marine Lewisville, Texas for their wakeboarding, wakesurfing, and watersports needs.


Good times ahead!

3 Steps Toward Better Boat Maintenance

Whether you use your boat for skiing, wakeboarding, wake surfing, or other watersports, one thing is certain: boat maintenance is critical. Failing to maintain your boat properly can take years off the life of your boat and devalue a major asset. Here are 3 boat maintenance tips from Buxton Marine in Lewisville, Texas that you can do routinely to keep your boat in great condition for years to come:


  1. Clean it After Each Use


We know…you’ve had a long day on the lake and the last thing you want to do is wipe down your boat. Don’t make excuses; just do it! Begin by hosing it down, then grab a long bristled boat brush and some quality boat wash to clean it thoroughly. This removes any debris from the lake or unwanted creatures, like zebra mussels, that can wreck havoc on ecosystems and corrode your boat.


  1. Evaluate the Propeller


Make it a habit of checking out the propeller before each and every boat outing. Visually inspect it for knicks, dings, or cracks, then several times a season, go ahead and remove the propeller completely to make sure there isn’t any fishing line that has been wrapped up and stuck in the propeller shaft. Any knick or crack in the propeller can wreck havoc on performance, so be sure to take your boat in to be serviced by the best boat service in Lewisville, Buxton Marine.


  1. Don’t Forget the Oil Change


A good rule of thumb in boat maintenance is to change your boat’s oil every 100 hours – or at least once every Spring before the boating season begins. Simply bring your boat into Buxton Marine Lewisville and we are happy to get that done for you with the best boat service in Lewisville, Texas.


As always, if you have any boat maintenance questions, give us a call at Buxton Marine in Lewisville, Texas or Long Cove Marina in Malakoff, Texas!