Nautique Color Options: What’s New for 2018

With the best wakeboard, wakesurf, and ski boats on the market, Nautique has top of the line features and customization options that allow you to make your boat your own. For 2018, Nautique allows you to choose from a brand new palette of Nautique color options both on the interior and exterior. Buxton Marine – the #1 Nautique dealer in the United States – has the scoop on how you can customize with all the colors of the rainbow:


Nautique Color Options – Exterior

For 2018, Nautique has produced a palette of brand new gel coat and vinyl colors that have us drooling over here! The gel coat colors include Admiral Blue, Admiral Blue Metal Flake, Solar Red, Red Metal Flake, Masters Blue, Metal Flake, and Medallion Metal Flake. The vinyl options include Sahara Sand, Admiral Blue, and Solar Red. The colors are vibrant and bold and are sure to make your Nautique stand out on the water. All the colors are beautiful, but we love the way the metal flake options shimmer on the water when wakeboarding, wakesurfing, or skiing.


Nautique Color Options – Interior

New for 2018, Nautique has expanded the color options when it comes to designing the interior of your brand new Nautique boat. Both the primary interior and the box seating options can be customized to create a distinctive look that is all your own. Choose between beautiful neutrals like Sahara Sand and Frost Grey, or go for something more bold like Voltaic Yellow, Sublime Green, or Victory Red. The possibilities are endless!

Not sure which color combinations work best? Call an expert at Buxton Marine in Lewisville, Texas and let our team help you design the perfect Nautique to fit your lifestyle. Buxton Marine is located near Lake Lewisville and Lake Grapevine, and prides itself on being the best boat dealer in North Texas.


Good times ahead!

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Boat Ownership: 5 Things to Ask Yourself Before Buying a Boat

So you’re ready to take the plunge into boat ownership – or are you?


Buying a wakeboard, wakesurf, or waterski boat is a big decision, and one that takes careful consideration before making the big purchase. You need to know exactly what you want and if it is adequately going to fit your needs.


Buxton Marine – the best boat dealer in North Texas – is here with 5 things you need to ask yourself before buying a boat:


#1: What Do You Envision Yourself Doing on the Lake?

Think about a beautiful day on the lake. What are you doing? Are you watching the kids tube – or are you on a wakeboard perfecting your craft? Before buying a boat, make sure that the boat can do everything you want it to do. Make a comprehensive list of all the things you want and then find the boat that fits all of those needs. The purchase is too big not to make it all work.


#2: Are you Looking for New or Used?

There are pros and cons of both, so before beginning your search, determine if both would fit your needs. New boats come with warranties and the latest comforts and technology, while older boats have lower price tags.

#3: Are Your Finances in Order?

Think about the best way for you to achieve your dream of boat ownership. Through Buxton Marine, you have access to the most competitive rates on boat financing. Simply visit with a Buxton Marine sales associate for more details.


#4: Which Dealer and Manufacturer is Right for Me?

Each manufacturer and boat dealer comes with their own areas of expertise, so it’s important to find the one that is right for you. Buxton Marine is the best boat dealer in North Texas and the #1 Nautique dealer in the United States. We know our stuff and the Buxton Marine name is one you can trust for years to come.


#5: Can You Operate the Boat Safely?

Once you’ve purchased your dream boat, it’s important to take a crash course in running it properly. Take boater’s safety courses and operating courses so that you know what you’re up against and can maximize your fun on the lake.


When you’re ready to purchase your new boat, give us a call at Buxton Marine in Lewisville, Texas. Good times ahead!

5 Tips for Pulling a Water Tube for the First Time

You’ve just purchased your new boat and are ready to have some fun! Chances are you’ll be using that new boat (hopefully it’s a Nautique!) to pull riders on a tube. If you’re planning on pulling a water tube for the first time, here are 5 tips from Buxton Marine – your Lewisville, Texas boat dealer – to get you started:


  1. Riders Must Wear a Life Jacket

This should be a no brainer, but it bears repeating. While you may not always feel the need to wear a PFD onboard the boat, wearing one while tubing is a must.


  1. Consider the Rider’s Skill Level

If you are pulling a water tube for the first time, it’s smart to start slow to get your bearings on how your boat handles turns, waves, and bumps. Check your boating manual before starting for guidelines on recommended speed for towing riders, maximum weight, towing speed, etc.


  1. Designate a Lookout

Designate someone on the boat as the official lookout who will watch the tube and see how the riders are doing. Are they signaling to go slower? Are there obstacles coming up? Has someone fallen off? Your lookout is an extra set of eyes and ears on the lake.


  1. Get the OK from the Riders Before Starting

Before starting your water tubing ride, have the riders signal that they are ready to begin. Each rider should be in ready position, holding on to handles and aware of how to shift their weight safely on the tube.


  1. Beware of Taking Wakes Too Fast

As your riders get more comfortable on the water, it can be fun to cross over existing wakes in the water. Before doing so, be sure to slow down. Depending on the tube and it’s weight, the tube can take pretty high bounces over those wakes, which can cause back injuries.

If you just bought a new wakeboard boat – Nautique, MasterCraft, etc. – and are ready to pull a water tube for the first time, don’t hesitate to come into Buxton Marine – the boating experts in Lewisville, Texas. Our team can show you the best tubes on the market in our Buxton Marine Pro Shop and offer safety guidelines for each.


Good times ahead!