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We live in Texas, which means that even though it’s the holiday season, the temperatures can still be in the upper 80s! Not to mention, we haven’t really had any cold snaps to cool off the water. All of these things are good for boaters in the state of Texas, who want to extend their boating season even longer. Get the most out of your Nautique boat this fall and winter with these winter boating tips:


  1. Use the Seat Heaters

Here’s a fun fact about the 2017 Super Nautique: it’s got seat heaters! Ever feel the chill after a long ride on the water and need to warm up – especially if the weather is cooler or overcast? The Super Air Nautique comes equipped with heated helm and loveseat seating – all with the push of a button. It’s pretty nifty, and once you have it, you’ll never go back!


  1. Consider a Wet Suit

A wet suit is a must if you are going to get in the water when it’s cooler outside. A wet suit will help insulate your body and take the chill off, allowing you more comfort as you use your Texas wakeboard boat.


  1. Use Navigation Lighting

As the days grow shorter, the sunset can sneak up on you. Assess your navigation lighting and make sure it is working properly. When visibility is limited, it is important to use this lighting so that other boats can see you on the lake.


  1. Watch the Weather

Winter storms can sneak up on us in Texas! Make sure you watch the weather before boating in Texas to make sure you are not surprised or caught off guard while on the lake.


Buxton Marine is your Dallas Nautique dealer, and we would love to show you around the showroom! Imagine yourself in a beautiful new Super Air Nautique, just in time for Christmas and winter boating! And bonus – it looks beautiful with a big red bow on top! 🙂


Good times ahead!

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Nautique G23 Wins Boat of the Year! – Buxton Marine

Recently, WakeWorld magazine did its WakeWorld Riders Choice Awards, which are a huge honor given the awards are chosen solely by wakeboarders, wake surfers, and boating enthusiasts from around the world.


Buxton Marine is pleased to announce that Nautique won in the following categories:

  • Wakeboarding Boat of the Year 2016 – Super Air Nautique G23
  • Wakesurfing Boat of the Year 2016 – Super Air Nautique G23

That’s right – the Nautique G23 won in TWO major categories!

Nautique continues to innovate, and it is that boating innovation that has allowed it to win Wakeboarding Boat of the Year for the last 4 years and Wakesurfing Boat of the Year for the last 3 years! In fact, Nautique is the ONLY boat that has ever won the wakesurfing award since the award’s inception 3 years ago!


If you are looking for a boat that can do it all, the Super Air Nautique G23 is the perfect choice. With performance second to none, the world’s leading wave riders turn to Nautique when testing out new techniques and attempting new feats. In fact, The Super Air Nautique G23 has one every major industry award since its inception. It’s just the legacy Nautique – and Buxton Marine – are proud to be a part of!


And have you seen the 2017 models?! Beautiful new boats with touchscreen controls, rear cameras, upgraded storage features for all the toys, class leading performance, and more. The Nautique G23 just keeps getting better and better every year.


Buxton Marine in Lewisville, Texas is YOUR North Texas Nautique Dealer! With a full stock of new and pre-owned boats in Texas, you are sure to find the boat of your dreams. Come by and see us today and let our knowledge team help answer any questions you have and take a Nautique out for a test drive.

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Buyer’s Guide: What you Need to Know about Compression Tests – Buxton Marine

The summer boating season may be over, but that won’t stop you from checking out all the great new and pre-owned boat deals at Buxton Marine! Buxton Marine always stocks a huge selection of Nautique, but you will also find awesome pre-owned models from MasterCraft, Malibu, and more as well.


When boat buyers come into Buxton Marine, they frequently ask us about a compression test before purchasing a pre-owned boat, so we wanted to offer you a little insight into what a compression test can and cannot do for you.


What is a Compression Test?

A compression test is used to gauge a boat’s engine health. The test shows how well an engine can compress fuel and air in the engine cylinder. While this test is helpful to determine how well a boat will run in the future, it is not the end-all-be-all for diagnosing a boat engine’s health.


What a Compression Test Cannot Do

The primary function of a compression test is to help determine why an engine is not performing well, and not so much what it can do in the future. It’s like using blood pressure as the sole indicator on whether or not you are healthy. It’s helpful – but doesn’t paint a complete picture for someone looking to buy a pre-owned boat in Texas.


Compression Test vs. Water Trial

The best way to get an accurate feel for the boat’s performance is to take it out on the water. Pay close attention to the idle, acceleration speed, shifting abilities, and wide open throttle (WOT) for extended periods of time. Check all the bell and whistles. Buxton Marine does not recommend buying a used boat unless you have undergone a full water trial, along with performing a compression test, spark check, and full inspection.


Ready to buy a used boat in Texas? Stop into Buxton Marine in Lewisville, Texas for more boat buying tips and a chance to see some gorgeous boats that could be yours today!


Good times ahead!