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Looking for a new, fun way to get everyone on the boat involved in watersports on Lake Lewisville? Look no further than the ZUP Board!

Buxton Marine has sold a ton of ZUP Boards this summer because it doesn’t matter what type of boat you have – Nautique G Series or another wakeboard boat, ski boat, or pontoon– friends of all ages can enjoy this fun water toy. Here’s why we love it:


  • Ease of Use: ZUP Board is designed to guarantee everyone gets up and has a great time on the lake. Every detail is designed with ease of use in mind: built-in handles, non-skid EVA padding, multifunctional foot straps, and more. Oh – and let’s not forget how buoyant these boards are! ZUP Board incorporates hydrodynamics to create a board that is light and buoyant and cannot catch an edge easily.


  • Durable: Not only are the features of the ZUP Board ease to use, but they will withstand hours of lake time. Durable roto-molded construction is key to a board that can take it all.


  • Combines All of Our Favorites in One: We love to wakeboard, kneeboard, and ski – but what if you aren’t particularly proficient at any of those? ZUP Board makes it easy for just about anyone to get up doing any one of these activities! Not to mention – you can do them all in one ride! ZUP makes it easy to change from laying, to kneeboarding, to skiing easily while on the board.


  • Available for Multiple Skill Levels: ZUP Board comes in 2 varieties: Beginner to Intermediate and Intermediate to Advanced. Beginner to Intermediate is by far the most popular board to suit most skill levels.

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If you don’t own a ZUP Board yet, do yourself a favor and come see us at Buxton Marine today! ZUP Boards are in stock and ready for you to take home! Buxton Marine is your Texas ZUP Board dealer, conveniently located on I-35 in Lewisville, Texas, near Lake Lewisville and Lake Grapevine.

Good times ahead!

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Nautique Introduces New Features for 2017 Models – Buxton Marine

Buxton Marine is proud to be your Lewisville Nautique dealer, and we pride ourselves on sharing all the latest news and information on models like the Nautique G21, Nautique G23, and the brand-new for 2017 Nautique Super Air GS20.

2017 Nautique G23 Available now at Buxton Marine in Lewisville, Texas!

2017 Nautique G23 Available now at Buxton Marine in Lewisville, Texas!

Year after year, Nautique is adding amazing new features to make a boaters life easier. So what features are new for 2017? Buxton Marine has the scoop on a few of our favorites:


Nautique Rear Awareness Camera


With the Nautique Awareness Camera, there is no need to constantly be craning your head backwards or trying to catch a glimpse of what’s going on through a mirror. The LINC Panoray screen gives the driver the perfect view of all the action.


LINC Panoray Touchscreen


Speaking of the LINC Panoray, it is more than just a camera screen. It’s a full touchscreen control panel, giving you complete control of every aspect of your Nautique boat right from your driver’s seat. Pretty snazzy.


Added Toy Storage


No one wants to return to the shore to unload/reload new gear. 2017 Nautique boats come with a bimini that has built-in surfboard pockets and upgraded wakeboard/surfboard racks. More room for more fun on Lake Lewisville.


Added USB Ports


Keep everyone on the boat happy with upgraded, dual USB ports throughout the boat. Everything is charged and ready for use at all times!


Upgraded Subwoofers


Add the optional M-Series Studio Elite package to your Nautique Super Air G23 or G25, giving you better sound quality and tons of added bass.


Interested in a new Nautique boat? Buxton Marine in Lewisville, Texas is your one-stop shop for wakeboarding boats, ski boats, and all the accessories. Come in to our showroom today and let us show you all the closeout models that are priced to move before the new inventory comes in! Tons of 2016 and 2017 models available!

4 Tips for Wakesurfing Beginners – Buxton Marine

As school starts and fall schedules begin to ramp up, Lake Lewisville becomes a boaters paradise because fewer boaters are on the lake! And in Texas, the water is still plenty warm in September, giving you the perfect opportunity to try some new skills – like wakesurfing.


If you’ve considered wakesurfing but never given it a try, Buxton Marine has you covered with these 4 tips for the beginner wakesurfer:


  • Buy the Right Board: One size does not fit all when it comes to wakesurf boards. As a general rule of thumb, the larger the rider, the bigger the board you will need. Also, larger boards cover more surface area of the water, making them easier for beginners. Buxton Marine has a full range of wakesurf boards in stock and our staff is happy to help you select the perfect board to get you started!
  • Weight the Boat Correctly: If you want to get up – and stay up – once you let go of the rope, then properly weighting your boat is a must. In order to produce a nice, big wake, your Texas ski boat will need about 1,800 lbs. of extra weight added to the eight already in the stock ballast. 75% of the weight should be weighted to one side of the back to middle-back of the boat; 25% in the front.
  • Know the Brake and Pedal: Think of your front foot at the “gas pedal” and the back foot as the “brake.” Start with your front foot in the middle of the pad on the front of the board and your back foot up against the board’s kick tail. When you feel yourself getting away from the boat, press your front foot “gas pedal,” and you will get closer to the boat. The opposite is true of your braking foot.
  • Find the Sweet Spot: Typically speaking, the sweet spot to riding the wake without a rope is down at the trough of the wake, about 5 feet away from the boat.


For more tips and wakesurfing gear in Lewisville, visit Buxton Marine today!